Thursday, March 10, 2011

Heavy Metal Blu-ray Disc Edition

One of my all-time favorite animated films is HEAVY METAL, the 1981 movie based on the great magazine of the same name. It captures the feel of the early issues of the magazine and improves upon it, with ground-breaking animation and a hard-rocking soundtrack. I first saw it on a pay-tv service called SelecTV back in 1983. Later I saw it every way imaginable, on various cable channels, VHS tape, Laserdisc, DVD, Superbit DVD, and finally in the theatre last August. Now it has arrived on Blu-ray Disc, which is probably the ultimate format for watching movies at home. With a picture resolution of 1080p, and high-definition digital sound, the new edition of HEAVY METAL is truly stunning. When I saw it in on the big screen, the theatre showed the remastered re-release print from 1996. The Blu-ray is extremely close in quality to that print, showing minute details that even the high quality of the Superbit DVD didn't quite capture. On the supplemental side, the materials are mostly borrowed from the Collector's Edition DVD, including the Rough Cut with optional commentary by Carl Macek, Deleted Scenes, and the Imagining Heavy Metal documentary. Right now it's a Best Buy Exclusive, so if you have a store near you, I highly recommend picking it up!

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