Monday, September 1, 2008


I watched HELLO MARY LOU: PROM NIGHT 2, and THE LAST KISS: PROM NIGHT 3 a few years back, and was dazzled by these beautiful girls who end up with nearly unlimited Freddy Krueger-like power. When PROM NIGHT 4 didn't continue the tradition, I was desperate for another one of this kind of movie for a long time afterward. A few months ago, I was granted my wish when I went to a local mall's multiplex and saw TAMARA! Jenna Dewan plays the title character, and does a phenomenal job for a relatively new actress. Some people might think I'm exaggerating if I say she deserves a best actress award for her role, but she is GREAT in this movie. And while characters like Mary Lou and Freddy are just fun to watch for being delightfully evil, Tamara also has a heart. I felt for her character, at first pitying her, then relishing her rise to power, then heartbroken by her tragedy. And as a side note, there is a scene involving another character that has forever changed my perspective regarding eating disorders...!

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